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Rebuilding Digital Trust

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Media Verification and Preservation

Rebuilding Digital Trust: India General Election Media Verification and Preservation

In recent years, the widespread spread of disinformation and fake news has significantly undermined public trust in news media. This issue is further compounded by social media algorithms that enhance inherent human biases, leading to greater societal divisions and polarization. The advent of new AI tools is further exacerbating these polarizing tendencies.

India, with its complex geopolitical and political landscape, is particularly vulnerable to misinformation campaigns. The upcoming general election in India is not only crucial on a local level but is also viewed by many as a representation of the global information war, amidst global geopolitical dynamics.

In response to this, Numbers Protocol has joined forces with top Indian news media organizations, taking inspiration from the Starling Lab's '78 Days' initiative. Utilizing blockchain technology, the project aims to create a unique digital identity for each image, ensuring all data sources are traceable and tamper-proof. This approach is expected to significantly enhance public trust in media reporting.

With the previous project in the Taiwan Presidential Election & Indonesia Presidential Election this year. Numbers Protocol plans to capture and document key historical moments from the 2024 general elections. The goal is to ensure that each vital moment of this crucial election is recorded with accuracy and authenticity.

Starting March 1st 2024, our news media partners will be equipped with blockchain-based tools and technologies. These will assist in collecting and documenting election-related images. Each image gathered will be assigned a unique blockchain ID and securely stored using Starling Lab’s authentication technology.

The images will be updated continuously and in real-time on our platform, and after the election, they will be permanently stored on the Filecoin decentralized network. This strategy is not only aimed at strengthening our digital resilience but also ensures that these essential images remain accessible and unaffected by external influences in the future.

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Not sure about the provenance of an image you stumbled upon on social media? Curious if there’s a similar image with verified provenance? 

Here’s how you can use AI for verification:

Want to capture election-related images with provenance details and be a part of history-making? 

Here's how you can create and contribute to the archive of election records.

*For more details, check out the Capture official website.

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